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Lunch Menu

Green Salad, Perigord Vinaigrette & Fresh Goat Cheese

Fire Burnt Eggplant, Exactly as You Remember

Juicy Roast Beef Plate

Mediterranean Calamari Salad (+15 Nis)

Gravlax, Soft Egg, Crème Fraîche & Hot Horseradish (+20 Nis)

Dutch Herring the Real Thing (+20 Nis)

Main Course

Soft Cheese Tortellini, Salted Butter, Spinach & Green Peas

Hamburger, Fried Egg, Onions & Red Wine Sauce

Salmon a la Plancha, Green Peas Cream & White Onion FondueParisian Beef Stroganoff

Crispy Mullets, Aromatic Leaves & Vinaigrettes from East to West (+40 Nis)

Grilled Beef Fillet skewer, Peppercorn Cream Sauce & Potato Purée (+50 Nis)