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The flowers, the music, the art hanging on the walls and of course – the food on your plate, have been carefully entwined to create a harmonious and unique experience.
As soon as you enter the world of Toto, you leave reality behind, embarking on a sensuous, passionate, enchanting, exciting, gratifying and comforting voyage, led by Yaron Shalev and his crew.
For us, Hospitality is a way of life. This way of life is inspired by Yaron’s uncompromising quest for excellence as well as his unique talent for creating a delighting feast.
Whether you have tasted the grilled eggplant or the pasta with langoustines, Yaron’s imagination and natural generosity are transformed into a kind of Joy you will continue to yearn for.
At lunchtime, Toto has become a second home for people working in the business area in which the restaurant is located. At night the atmosphere changes to a warm, welcoming living room, creating an unforgettable sensation.
We entice you to explore and share with us the Toto experience – a home for those who appreciate a feast embracing all senses!